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The AntiMA Brighton The AntiMA is a peer lead, collaborative arts education programme based in Brighton. We are a collective- The AntiMA-, we are a group of ten emerging artists, and we are inviting curators to come and work with us. The 10 artists in the AntiMA don’t currently have any funding and aren’t paid to be in the group, for us the skills and knowledge exchange, and the mutual support and collaboration is why we are part of the group.

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each of us has started a piece that every two weeks we send to the next person, in alphabetical order,, We add our creativity to the piece. I am impatient to see how it's going to look at the end! Watch this space!!!!

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I run a felt making workshop with the group in February. I thought everyone the technique and they made their own bespoke creation..... This review has been written by Anthony Gorin (@beautyinnormalcy & @beautyinpoetry) a mental health photographer and poet; of the AntiMA, attending the first workshop of this group of artists who believe in an alternative form of arts education, collaborative, cooperative, peer-led, without constraints seen within formal institutions of arts education. This first workshop was led by Stephanie Crechriou (@hyppanie_felt_tutor), a master felt maker who has spent many years honing the traditional method of feltmaking, being made from wool; it’s known as the oldest form of textile making. Feltmaking is a form of creativity that I had never heard of prior, nor the creativity that could be achieved via “painting with the wool” as Stephanie says. The workshop was highly informative, where we learnt of the process, given a hint of the years of training that Stephanie has put into learning and sharing this art form in many workshops. Working with such a tangible material as wool and other textiles ranging from hemp and many others. I was quite excited to be working with physical materials, and Stephanie laying out the woollen canvas was definitely complicated to achieve a consistency and orientation of the wool which took many years of training to hone. Stephanie laid out all of our chosen colour material for the ‘canvas’ in interlacing layers, and from this we placed further layers of chosen colours of felt to achieve our chosen pattern, much as you would do with paint , upon which soap was added, boiling water, having to roll the wool a staggering 800 times to ensure the layers would combine and cross into a rigid form, from which we washed our works before we would throw our carefully created pieces of art onto the floor with great force to ensure the solidification of the different fibres, a very enjoyable, though intriguing part that contrasted the careful precision of painting the wool onto the woollen ‘canvas’ before a final wash and leaving it to dry. The whole experience was new, was informative, with great historical roots, and was very fun! This was a material the other members would never have otherwise worked with. I have been left with a lot of knowledge, fun memories, broadened horizons for my creativity by the whole experience, and I cannot wait to work creatively with wool as a material for creative expression and even incorporating it into my own art forms in a holistic and eclectic manner. It has further inspired me to attempt to incorporate different senses into my works, for example an example I had seen prior to infusing scents with images and has opened doors to many possibilities of improving upon my artwork.


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