Q: What happens once you invite Didi DIY to your home?

A: One of our traders assesses the work to be done in your property. Together, we organise a team of volunteers, family & friends to come and learn the skills of DIY, practice them, and renovate your space, all at a low price and with low labor costs. The home-owner pays a low hourly fee, and a very small donation from volunteers is collected. With support from local businesses, we are often able to organise low material costs through donations or reduced rates.

Q: What does DIDI DIY actually provide?

A: Didi DIY manages the entire project, and provides the equipment and teacher/trader who is present at all stages to share knowledge, and demonstrate the right gestures and skills for jobs like removing and hanging wallpaper, filling up cracks, painting, and all works related to improving one’s living conditions.

Q: What will I be the end result?

A: At the end of the project, everyone involved has safely learned professional-level skills, and can use them to improve the living conditions of themselves and others.

Q: Can I speak to someone if I have a question about your services?

A: Yes, you can call us on 07713232108. Monday to Friday: 10am - 6pm or click schedule a service from the menu