Esther’s Project

Project Information
  • Clients : Esther

  • Categories :

  • Completed : 2016

  • Project Budgets : under £300

  • Location : Brighton

Esther’s Project

Esther is a single young woman, with a ten-year-old son. They rent a two bedroom second floor flat from a housing association, a very spacious & light space, with south facing windows overlooking a lovely street in Hove.


Esther wanted to renovate her living room space,  but she didn’t have the skills to match her vision or the budget and she wanted to be involved in the process of renovation.


The beginning of a story of one living room, one woman, and Didi DIY

Having a professional teacher/trader accompanying her throughout the process would give Esther the skills and confidence to decorate her other rooms on her own. She liked the idea of individuals coming together in her home, learning new skills in an unconventional setting. It was a chance to encourage herself and others to experience the satisfaction and personal empowerment that results from learning to improve and enhance our homes.

Et voila! Esther’s living room was renovated with this unique method only available in Brighton!
Didi DIY has since proposed to Esther another class where people will learn all the techniques to needed to use a drill when hanging a shelf on a wall.

  • First Class: Wall preparation – The first class finished with all the wall paper removed and gave the opportunity to see how many cracks and imperfections in the walls needed repair. Our teacher and professional trader then explained the next process of filling up the cracks.
  • Second Class: Fill up the cracks
  • Third Class: Paper hanging
  • Fourth Class: Paint

Client Reviews

Fawless and Fast

When all technical and safety issues were explained, the teacher clearly explained how the class was going to run and the whole process involved, showing all the tools and gestures of removing the wall paper with either a machine or with a sponge, water and hand tools. Everybody got to practice, and our teacher was there at all times to encourage and advise.


Happy living room DIY enthusiast