Evolution Arts

Project Information
  • Clients : Evolutions Arts Centre

  • Categories :

  • Completed : 2017

  • Project Budgets : under £500

  • Location : Brighton & Hove

Evolution Arts


“It is important to have a healthy sense of responsibility that allows us to understand that all individuals are walking towards a common destiny and,therefore,should all contribute to this realisation.”
We were running Didi DIY workshops for over 8 weeks  to renovate Arts Evolution community kitchen
Mainly  women registered to join us at the weekend to learn the safe use of power tools and renovate the kitchen.

Chris, our trader was present at all time to demonstrate and direct them in the right gestures. We found a 15 feet long  kitchen top from FreeCycle and wood at The Wood Store .

The ladies learned how to plan and execute a new planning for a kitchen.

They were amazing at using the power tools and felt confident that now THEY CAN DO the job in their homes!